To increase the attendance, completion and transition to higher levels of learning for boys and girls aged 6-14 years


The Program aims to improve formal primary, secondary education by equipping, constructing and improving of school infrastructure; transition support, school‐based health projects, activities to improve quality & learning, promoting access for OVC, school governance training; monitoring, research and evaluation of quality and performance.


Our Program Components


Formal Education


School fees and materials (e.g. uniform, sanitary packs, school bags, reading lamps) support; school performance monitoring and improvement; renovation of classrooms; facilitation of young mothers education.

Psychological Support and Recreation


Life skills child training; psychological support training for caregivers; children and youth events facilitation.


Our Project Outputs



  • Formal Education

    • Children supported with bursary
    • Children supported with school uniforms
    • Girls supported with sanitary towels
    • Children supported to sit for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE)
    • School management committee members trained on governance
  • Psychosocial Support & Recreation

    • School children mentored and motivated
    • Children trained on the Right of the Child
    • Children facilitated to attend FORA to raise and discuss children issues



Our target group is children and youth in ages between 6yrs and 14yrs.

This is a little village in Kiambu area.

  • 1,314[Male - 568 Female - 746] children supported with Unimix in Gatune, Nachu, Kanyiha, Gicharani, Rinderi, Wambaa, Nderi, Nguriunditu, Kerwa, Nduma, Kandutura and Kanyanjara primary schools and this have sustained early enrollment, retention and hence smooth transition to the next grade.

  • 235 (Male - 115, Female - 120) children were trained on children rights and their responsibility in a way being part of building confident to the children.

  • 58 (Male - 25, Female - 33) children benefited with reading solar lamps ,the lamps will enable the children do home work and hence improve academic performance.

  • 200 (Male - 100, Female - 100) Children were supported with blankets as part of comfort enhancement.

  • 25 tree Seedlings were planted at Wambaa Primary by AAR as part of green school support.

  • 1008(Male - 500, Female - 508) children were provided with solar reading lamps by the National Director as part of promoting quality education and improving performance and lighting their future.

  • 134 (Male - 82, Female - 52) Board of Management trained for effective and improve standard of education for better performance.

  • 256 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Mirror Revision Books procured and distributed to 19 primary schools intended to improve national examinations.

  • 36 (Male - 14, Female - 22) teachers trained on Children Rights this will be cascaded to the pupils and other teachers at school level.

  • 79 [ Male - 37, Female - 42 ] pupils supported with school fees.

  • 1,200 Report Form Assessment Books procured awaiting distribution.

  • 1,000 Sanitary Towels & 400 Underwear clothing were procured awaiting distribution.

  • 234 girls were supported with Sanitary Towels.

  • 685 (Male - 338, Female - 347) children participated in fun days.

  • 3,000 tree seedlings procured and distributed to 19 primary schools

  • 357 (Male - 131, Female - 226) pupils participated in Green School planting of trees at Kandutura primary school.

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