Building capacity in our youth is the most important step to their development


Kerwa CFP in partnership with the Ministry of Youth Affairs promoted children/ youth participation in their society. This was done by supporting out of school youth to acquire vocational training. Youth who are not involved in any economic / productive activity lose hope of ever achieving their dreams and often indulge in undesirable malpractices. To prevent this, the project aims to empower them through entrepreneurial skills which are critical for self-reliance and restoration of hope for a better future. This will enable their full involvement in the development process.


Our Program Components


Environmental Sustainability


To educate the targeted youth into best environmental practices and importance

Economic Empowerment


To empower our target youth by enabling them to discover and implement income generating models that will go a long way to secure their bright economic future.



Our Project Outputs


  • Skilled & Involved Youth

    • Reproductive health outreaches conducted
    • Youth supported to acquire vocational training
    • youths trained on resource mobilization



Our target group is boys and girls aged 6-14 years.

This is a little village in Kiambu area.

  • 94 Youths participated in fun day in different plays and discussion on issues affecting their life and this increases their individual perception in life

  • 50 Youths to trained on reproductive health, sexuality and HIV/AIDS this will improve their understanding on human anatomy and on preventive measures on early pregnancies and spread of STIs.

  • 10 ECD Centers benefited from 180 appropriate plastic chairs and 45 tables this will ease and provide comfort to children during learning.

  • 156 [Male - 78, Female - 78] youths trained on Resource mobilization

  • 167 [Male - 73, Female - 94] youths trained on reproductive health and sexuality

  • 15 [Male - 6, Female - 9] supported youth on vocational training fees

  • 100 bags of Unimix procured and distributed to 19 ECD Centres

  • 14 (Male 8 Female 6) youth completed computer training

  • 196 (Male - 75, Female - 121)youth participated in fun day

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